It all started with three employees and a
small office in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Mark Young Construction was established in 1989 as a general contractor, and has grown steadily ever since. The secret to our success? It’s simple. First you need to understand our history.

    • First, we work on projects that we know we can deliver on time and within budget. Even though our capabilities have grown over the years, our dedication to doing what we’re good at hasn’t.
  • Second, we’ve worked hard to form some of the best relationships in the industry. Whether it’s with our Fortune 500 clients or our subcontractors, we treat people right.
  • Finally, we take pride in what we build. That means every job we do is personal, and we don’t stop until every detail is right.

Today, we have more than 130 employees and work in 16 states across the western United States. Our success didn’t happen by accident, and we show no signs of slowing down.

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